Celtic Birds and Dogs

This highly detailed ring is handcrafted and is truly unique. The intricate birds and dogs were designed by renowned Canadian Celtic artist, David Rankine, and shows two birds and two dogs intertwined.

This design is available in sterling silver, 14 karat gold, and sterling or gold with raised borders, in any combination gold colour of white, yellow, or red gold.

Beautiful, strong and fierce: in the mythological tradition of the Celts, deities regularly assumed bird forms, such as the Morrigan, who would change into a crow and hover over armies during battles. Ravens, crows, eagles, cranes, egrets, and swans all feature in the myths, the most well known being the Birds of Rhiannon and the Children of Lir (who were transformed into swans).

Dogs (hounds) in Celtic lore are emblematic of courage, extreme loyalty, and honour. They were prized as companions of the hunt and associated with healing.

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